Video Marketing Marketing Services

marketingball1 300x951 Video Marketing Marketing ServicesVideo Marketing breathes life into your business. Generating buzz, notoriety, and brand recognition isn’t nearly enough, you need to generate quality leads – leads that will convert into customers who purchase your products and use your services. Video marketing should turn viewers into customers. But, having great videos isn’t enough. Engaging media needs a distribution strategy that is effective and can be executed efficiently.


Video Production

Companies relish the opportunity to tell their story, share their vision, and relay their passion to viewers. Video production and marketing gives you a chance to connect with customers directly. It gives your business a voice and a presence that can’t be accomplished through text or images. Our video marketing team develops and translates what’s great about your company on paper, into an engaging video – with humor, passion, and professionalism.


When discussing a video marketing strategy with your business, we work with your management team to analyze your existing client base and develop a concept that will engage more users in your target demographic. Having a keen understanding of your market helps us cater a message that will appeal to more customers. Once a concept has been approved, we begin production!

Quality equipment is key to creating quality production. What you get out of a system is only as good as what you put into it. That’s why we use a Sony AX2000 (it is the camera used to film Jersey Shore… and we know what you are thinking, we hate it too), a Canon 60D DSLR, an 8-foot Cobra Crane II on a fluid head tripod, and an HD quality boom microphone. That’s over $7,000 dollars in equipment and we haven’t even mentioned our lighting, green screens, and other backdrops, but you get the picture.

Editing will make or break a production. We can’t stress enough how important the editing process is to a quality production. Our lead editor is a master – no, not a master, a WIZARD – at creating an impressive narrative. If you don’t believe us, check out our extensive portfolio.


What Our Clients Say?

Helios Media Marketing produced such a beautiful video for my wedding & event planning company. I was the first in the Valley to jump into video marketing and it has paid dividends. – Amina Michele, Some Like It Classic




      1) SONY NEX-FS700UK

      2) SONY AX2000

      3) CANON 60D

Camera Support:

      1) Pearstone VT2500B Tripod

      2) Glidecam 2000 Pro

      3) 6ft Camera Jib


     1) ePhoto V9026s Studio Light Kit

              -Two 20×28 Soft box lights

              – 4-Light Head Soft box light

      2) Two – 1000W Tungsten Fresnel Studio Lamps


     1) AKG Perception Wireless Lav Mic

     2) ZoomH2N Sound Recorder

     3) RODE Directional Video Mic

     4) Sony Shotgun Microphone

     5) Sony MDR-7506 Dynamic Stereo Headphones


     10×10 Studio backdrop frame

           -Green Screen



 Post Production (Editing):

     1) Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

     2) Final Cut Pro X

   **File Delivery Mac and PC Friendly**


Video Marketing and Video Production Services

  • Concept brainstorming

  • Video Production

  • Digital Promotion

  • Video Branding

  • Testimonial Production

  • Virtual Tours

  • Video SEO